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Uncle Palee Kawen!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm really sorry. Ibu tau ibu dah broke the promise to make sure this blog is up-to-date. But this time, ibu has a valid reason. Actually we just moved. That's right, ibu, ayah & eiliyah has moved to our own house. Yeayyy.. yippie... hahahahha.. been waiting fo this moment. Will update more about this later... in another post. Ok... back to the making excuses... hahhahaha.. the new house does not have any internet connection. Yes, ayah has a celcom broadband... but ayah always takes it with him. Ibu only have time at nigh to do all this blog updates.... late night... when eiliyah has already fallen asleep. But since there's no internet... then there's no chance for ibu to update. Not my fault right? Hhhahahah...

Ok.. since ibu didn't update for quite sometime, so we have to go through all the nak basi story all over again. Haiiyyoooo.. when will this end? Ok.. this post is specificly to inform on Uncle Palee's wedding day. Yup... Uncle Palee is now happily married. At last... ahahhhaha....

We went to KL for ibu's check-up... on Thursday. Then the next day, Friday night was Uncle Palee's akad nikah day. Aunty Emy an Uncle Palee has already reserved 1 room for our family... So, on Friday, we went to Infra. That's where we were staying. After chit chat and all... maghrib we all headed to Aunty Emy's house, where the akad nikah was held. Rombongan Uncle Palee made a stop at a masjid nearby Aunty Emy's house. We stop too... but not for long. We headed to Aunty Emy's house first since ayah was the unofficial photographer.

When we arrived, Aunty Emy was still getting ready. Almost finish though. Ayah took a few pictures....
Happy bride

Aunty Emy's sporting siblings.

And of course we took picture with the lovely bride.

After a while, rombongan Uncle Palee sampai. Uncle Palee looked very berseri-seri. His face was glowing. Ibu had never seen him look so happy like this before. Maybe mmg dah lama tunggu nak kawen kot... Hahahhha.. Al-maklum la.. Uncle Palee mmg dah tahap wajib kawen. Hhahahahaa....
The groom has arrived

He looks so happy, right?

During majlis akad nikah tu, eiliyah biasala... mana leh duduk diam lama2... After Tok Kadi habis ceramah.... eiliyah just can't stay still anymore. Start bising2. So, terpaksa la ibu bawak lari eiliyah upstair so that tak mengganggu majlis. Ye la.. tak pasal2 kang eiliyah jerit ke ape... melatah plak Uncle Palee tu... hahhahahaha...
The little girl yang nak turun bawah

Alhamdulillah... everything went well. Uncle Palee selamat menjadi suami to Aunty Emy. After that, sesi bergambar plak. Please refer below for some of the pictures.

Just look at the happy face org bergelar suami....

Married.... congrats!

Now they're husband n wife.

Uncle Palee dah tak sabar nak baby... so pinjam eiliyah kejap.... hahahah...

The next day, was the wedding reception for Aunty Emy's side... kat Infra. So, we just jalan kaki je. The hall was just nearby. Best gak wedding kat sini. Mudah & menyenangkan.
Pose ngan Cik Andam... so cute!

At this time, ayah was running around here & there. A bit sebok or menyebok.. ibu pun tak sure. But eiliyah was also trying to run went he saw ayah going somewhere. This is when eiliyah first fall down on the tar road. Aiyokkk... luka berdarah la lutut eiliyah. Of course she cried. But just a bit. Ibu washed her knee with some water... maybe pedih.. so eiliyah cried a bit more. After that ibu put some magic balm.. ahe was ok. But when ibu asked her.... "eiliyah, mana sakit?".... she will show her leg. Hahahha.. so cute. Clever little girl.
Tak puas hati coz tak dapat kejar ayah... pastu jatuh plak tu!

Back to her normal active & happy mood.

We took a few pictures with the bride & groom. Also, with some of the friends that caame that day. Family pix with bride & groom

Aunty Ina also came that day... it's her first time seeing eiliyah.
Again photo with the bride & groom.

Family pix is a must.. as usual!

With Uncle Nik

Eiliyah salam & getting to know Uncle Nik's fiance, Aunty Farah.

Uncle Nik so happy for his friend.

Since Uncle Nik came late, after eating, we went lepak2 inside our room. Leh la sembang panjang. Eiliwas was so friendly.... siap gigit2 everyone. Pastu there's this one incident, where eiliyah took her shoes from the shoe rack and was playing around with her shoes. Then ayah said... "eiliyah, put it back...". And guess what... Eiliyah put the shoes into our bag. Hahahha.. wrong understanding... but funny + cute!

Congratz! Moga cepat2 dapat baby.... eiliyah nak fren!

Ok.. i think that's all for this post. Ibu dah sleepy. Gonna go to bed beside my darling little girl now. Gudnite. Luv u so much Aysha Nureiliyah, my little princess.

My Cousin just arrived!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Again ibu lambat update the blog. So Sorry... teramat-amat la busy skang ni kat office. Byk keje..... penat ibu. Anyway.. this post is about eiliyah's new cousin.

On 7 February on the dot.... as per doctor Chang's given due date... Cik Mar selamat men'deliver'kan a cute baby. It's a boy!... Alhamdulillah... yeayy!! Eiliyah has a friend now.

Just a minutes after he was born...

Ibu and my first nephew the next day after he was born.

Cik Mar & Uncle Zaffi gave a nice name to this baby... Aryan Zufayri. Ibu like... it's unique. Kinda like Aysha Nureiliyah. This handsome boy is is tall.. jari panjang2.... kuku gelas and hidung lebih tinggi from eiliyah. Hahahahha.... Below are some pix taken mase baby Aryan belum cukur rambut lagi.
Aryan Zufayri Bin Zaffi

Baby Aryan terkezut ngan flash camera

Baby Aryan tido in Eiliyah's babycourt.

Below are a few pictures taken from ayah's camera plak. Mase ni baby Aryan dah botaksss. Hahahha... look macho skit bile botak kan?

Aryan Zufayri botak head!

Amboi...pose lagi.

Skang baby Aryan dah big dah. Dah pandai angkat kepala. Aysha Nureiliyah happy ade baby Aryan... ade je yang dia nak kacau. Suka tarik booties Aryan, suka nak tepuk2 Aryan..., baru2 ni Uncle Opal crite... Eiliyah bebai nak pegang Aryan. Nak dukung sendiri. Mane leh.. eiliyah kecik lagi. Mana cukup kuat nak hold Aryan. Last2 uncle Opal letak Aryan atas riba eiliyah. Seronok la la eiliyah mase tu. Hahahah...

Yang paling best is the way eiliyah panggil Aryan. Sound so cute... Aayaaaaannn...

Ok la.. tu je update utk hari ini. Wassalam...

My Growing-Up Baby

Friday, March 5, 2010


Today.. nothing much.. ibu just wanna update a few things about the apple of my eyes.... Aysha Nureiliyah Binti Mohamad Irwan. Wow... some people said that her name is so long.... Is it true? Ibu don't think so.. I just guess... that nowdays... most of the little generation are having 2 to 3 names... not including their father's name. So... Eiliyah.. no worries...you're normal.

Aysha Nureiliyah... if you look at her... she's like a soft cute little darling. However, don't be fooled by that sweet face of hers. Hahhahah... if tak caya tanya Ayah. Now he nows...
Aysha Nureiliyah.. yes.. a very clever girl.. talk much.. but only a few words that we understand. Dah pandai sebut Ayah, Pah, Hababah, Ina, Ayan (Aryan Zufairy - will crite pasal ni later), na nek (nak naik), tutup, and a few other words... ibu can't recall right now.

Ibu noticed that a few days back.. she's kinda active with her feet and legs. She likes to lift up her legs and pushes it to people when she laying down. Kind of like kicking. Not while standing though... that would be worst. However, what she's doing now is also kinda rude. Don't want her to think that it's okay to do that... So, ibu smack her legs and said no to her. Of course i didn't smack her hard. Eiliyah ngan muka selamba and takde perasan... keep on kicking. Ibu smack her again. Still she continue doing so. The same thing keep repeating after one and another... until she finally kick and then smack her one leg. Do u get it? Eiliyah tendang ibu and then she pukul her own kaki. So naughty2 little girl. Geram but kinda funny seeing that. Ayah pun gelak je tgk...

Eiliyah looks so sweet

Looking at this picture... gambar eiliyah bertudung ni.. ibu rase so thankful to Allah for this beutiful little girl. Cam tak caye kan... baby ni sgt naughty? Hahhahah.. naughty but still a good girl. Biasa la.. kids.

Now, ibu's smiling. Wanna know y? One statement crossed my mind. Last week.. during Uncle Palee's wedding.. there's one pakcik yang seronok sgt tgk ke'cheecky'an eiliyah.... mane tak nye.. eiliyah asyik lentok & senyum.... he said to ibu... Cepat la ko dapat menantu nanti. Hahahahha... funny...

Ain't she lovely?

Aysha Nureiliyah skang suka geram2 kat org. Sukit cubit2, gigit and ngengau2... kat tmpt yg sakit2 plak tu.. cam kat bibir. My darling baby.... also dah pandai panjat kerusi. Pandai ketuk pintu (lama dah ni...) and mcm2 lagi.

K la.. ibu rase hari ni nye update smp sini je. Dah kul 1.41am... nak g tido. So we end this post ngan pic eiliyah wearing sunglasses. This is actually Hababah's sunglass. Eiliyah cam suka je pakai... so ibu bought one for eiliyah. However, eiliyah still likes Hababah's one better.
So.. that's it. Gudnite sweetheart..
Pic ni baru la nampak cam naughty2 girl skit.

Eiliyah & Habib.