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Si pemunggah...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Anugerah "pemunggah" terhormat kali ini jatuh kepada.... (drum roll)... Aysha Nureiliyah Binti Mohamad Irwan. Yes.. that's right... baby eiliyah dah semakin active++. Hari ni... eiliyah mem'proses' her ayah's wallet. Come on... let's take a look....
Dengan mata yg terbuntang bulat.... eiliyah sgt teruja dapat play nganwallet ayah
Hmm.. kad bonus link utk apa ye? Eiliyah nak bole tak ayah??
Nak yg lain plak.. amik byk2...
Try amik yg ni plak la...
Hmm... nape ATM & credit cards ni susah nak amik??

Hahahah.. ayah managed to figure out another way that we can use to make eiliyah stay still for about 5 minutes or so... heheheh...

With Kak Awni

Hahaha.. again.. peple are starting to complain coz eiliyah's blog is not updated. Ibu've been really busy lately. Work.. work.. work... no time for leisure. Bored. Nasib baik every time ibu comes home.. there's eiliyah. My little princess...

Ok.. continue on ibu's previous post... Kak Awni.. or her full name Awni Damia Qistina (panjang toi nama..) is eiliyah's double cousin. She is a single child in her family.. (as for now la... hehehe). She actually likes being a single child. Maybe bole manja lebih kot... hehehe.. she even treatend her mommy... if got baby.. she going to run away from home... hahaha... very funny.

There's this one day... she and her mommy came to pah's house. Just because she saw her mommy holding Eiliyah.. terus merajuk... Tak mau masuk rumah... Heheheh... There's another day plak... the day which eiliyah's borrowed her tudung (yes.. as the previous post)... memula ok.. then when eiliyah wore her tudung.. everyone's attention was shifted to baby eiliyah... started puji eiliyah... and Kak Awni merajuk lg.

Merajuk lame gak... but then don't know how eiliyah does it... they all start playing together plak... smp Kak Awni mintak her mommy's permission to spend the night at Pah's house. Hehehehe... siap kena pujuk plak suh dia balik and come back the next day.
Aysha Nureiliyah & Awni Damia Qistina
As promised, the next day... early in the morning lg Kak Awni dah smp. Actually her mom nak go to SSF with Aunty Diny... but Awni insisted to stay with eiliyah. They played... and ibu nampak there's a few times yg eiliyah tried to bully her Kak Awni... naughty anak ayah ni.. (heheheh.. bile naughty..anak ayah!). There's some improvement.. hmm... might be that Awni is starting to like having a little one in the house... so Aunty Fizan... any comment???...hehehhehe...

Awni siap offer nak pinjamkan her rantai to eiliyah
Matching plak rantai Awni ngan eiliyah's outfit that day
Baby eiliyah dah pandai tarik2 barang dah...

That's all.... bubbye

Baby Muslimah

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Di bulan puasa yg mulia ini, eiliyah telah berubah menjadi baby muslimah... hehehehh.. No la.. just enjoy the pix below:

Muslim ke muslimah??

Anak ayah..

Eh.. silap pix la. Ni baru pix muslimah yg betoi. Hehehhe.. baru ayu skit.. Actually tudung ni pinjam dari Kak Awni (not sure how the correct spelling). Will blog about her later... Memula nak pakai tudung ni.. eiliyah punya lah bising. As always she doesn't like benda merimaskan ni... but then.. lepas show herself in front of a mirror.... mula la nak senyum2...pose ala model... hhehehhe

Cute tak i?
Eiliyah & her favourite place in Pah's house

Muka tembam. Pipi cam kuih pau.

Pose ngan ibu... any similarity??? :-(