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It's Fishy fish time....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skang ibu kena bergerak pantas untuk mengupdate blog eiliyah ni... byk lagi entry nak ditambah. There's also a good news whereby ibu heard that ayah eill post an entry here... so ibu should get whatever pending updated. Better... before ayah change his mind.. hahahhah..

This post is about our trip to Aquaria. As usual... we went there quite early....ayah kan tak suka ramai2 org ni. Hehehhe... pastu siap masuk salah building plak tu... hahahha.. very funny... semua salah guard kat situ... ade ke dia kata Aquaria kat tingkat 6... hahahha... ibu ngan ayah eventhough pelik.. but kami pun follow je... rupe2nya.. dia hantar kami kat Aquaria office. Aduhh... padan la pelik je entrance nak masuk ke Aquaria tu.

When we arrive at the correct building... we saw a school bus... ohhh no... ade rombongan plak dah... bebudak tadika plak tu.... There was about 2++ kids... Punya la panjang derang beratur. Nasib baik we can get in using another door. Yang tak bestnya... we can't take our time to look at the fishes there... since we enter about the same time with the kindergarten kids. So, we decides to let them all pass first so that we can enjoy our trip there.

Eiliyah & Ibu at the ticket counter

The first fish that we saw... piranhas

Eiliyah was okay.. but not too joyful. She was actually afraid of the fishes. Not sure why though... Maybe the fishes are quite big... or just that she wasn't in her good mood that morning. Agak merap... nak didukung je all the way. Penat gak la ibu ngan ayah nak dukung baby 10kg ni. Hheheheh... So we took turns. Ayah handle the first half, and ibu dukung the next 2nd half of the Aquaria.

Ayah & Eiliyah

Eiliyah not so smiley face

For ibu, the best part of the Aquaria would be in the terowong. But I guess that Eiliyah wasn't so excited in there... coz we we surrounded by those scary fish. Hhahahah... which eiliyah was so afraid of.
Eiliyah & Ibu in terowong

Look at how BIG those teeth are...

Nearly to the end of the tour...eiliyah was getting better.. dah ok to walk by herself. It was good for ibu,... hehehhe.. tak yah dukung cheeky baby. At the gift shop... eiliyah bought a ball. The ball ade lampu bila dilantunkan. She she really likes it.

Also, we took a 3D family picture there. Since a combo package is cheaper.. so we tought that we could take eiliyah's solo picture as the other one. But eiliyah.... cried when the photographer wanted to take the photo. There was quite an attempt but all failed. She would either cry or run away... Just won't stay still at the green screen. At last we decided that we'll just take 2 family photos (1 3D and 1 normal photo) but last minute.. ayah got an idea. Ayah became the photographer and took the picture on behalf. Hahhaha.. this way.. eiliyah chances to stay put is much higher. And guess what.. it does work.

Below are the pictures... but not so clear since it was taken over a picture. And actually now it's 3.15 am and ibu dah tired. Esok working plak tu.. So blasah je la pix tak clear pun. Janji ade.. Hehhehe..

Combo picture package

Siap amik gambar ngan ball nyala2 tu..

Family pix

We were quite hungry by end of the tour. But since dah janji nak go eat with Aunty Ida, Aunty Diny, Pah and Tok Daddy at Chilis, 1 Utama.... so we rather starve at thet moment. Just refresh ourselves with a star fruit juice. Yummy... very fresh... berbaloi la ngan harganya... ibu tak ingat la brape.
Eiliyah loves the drink. Siap suap2kan ayah...

"Dap2.." said eiliyah sambil nak suap ayah lg.
Look at our little girl.. growing up so fast...

Look at her.. so cheeky.

Trying out her new "liplap" ball.

Since Pah already called saying that their hungry and already on the way to 1 Utama.. so we had to start to move too. On the way out.. there was this like sticker things on the wall... shaped as fishes... eventhough their sticker or whatever... eiliyah was still scared... Below are the prove:

Ibu kate: Eiliyah..look... fish!

Eiliyah replied: Uwaaaaa.....

Ok... I guess that's it for this post. See ya in the next one...

P/S: Thanks Aunty Ida for the 'Chilis' treat. Nanti blanja lagi ye? Eiliyah suka.. ibu lagi suka.. hahahahha....

Uncle Azrul's Wed

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cuti sekolah bulan Jun ni, Eiliyah weekend was fully booked ngan kenduri. First week was Uncle Azrul's wedding. But it wasn't exactly held on the weekend. Akad nikah was on Thursday morning, so... ibu had to take annual leave. Banyak gari gak... from Wednesday noon till Friday... abihla cuti ibu.. cam ne nak p New Zealand ni???

Theme for the family for the akad nikah was blue colour. So eiliyah just recycle the blue dress that she wore on Aunty Diny's wedding. That day, Aysah Nureiliyah was a very happy little girl. In the masjid, Eiliyah was the loudest among all. Ibu rasa kalau tak silap dia sorang je yg bising. Everybody else was well behaved and quiet in the masjid. But my little darling, ngan her quite speaker voice keep calling out... "Ayah.. ayah"... like only she herself has ayah. Ayah as usual was snapping photos so he would be here & there in the masjid. That's y eiliyah keeps calling out for him.

Eiliyah was quite an eye-catcher that day. Photographers keep taking her pictures. Hehehhe.. if ayah takes.. then everythings okay... but if others.. she'll cry when they're closer. Hahhaha.. eiliyah now agak scared to strangers especially guys.

Eiliyah hugging Pah from behind.

One of eiliyah pose that ayah manage to capture.

When it was time for the akad, ibu had to distract eiliyah with a pen and a paper. Thank God that Pah had those in her handbag. Some simple drawings helped out a lot. Had to keep eiliyah quite for a while. At least until Uncle Azrul finish his akad...

Eiliyah concentrating on ibu's drawing

Alhamdulillah.. ibu managed to keep her quite for about 5 minutes or so... that it was back to "Ayah... ayah..."... hahhahaha... But eiliyah learned to "shhh.." during this event. Since everyone keep "shhhh"ing her and asking her to keep quiet... now she follows. Putting her index finger really close to her mouth and saying "shhhhhhhh"... hahahahha.. funny yet very cute. That's how fast my little darling is growing up.... Alhamdulillah.. may Aysha Nureiliyah be a brilliant littel girl.

So below are some pictures that was taken during the event. Enjoy...
These 2 munchkins would always be in ayah's photos.

They're both cheeky girls...

Not sure how khusyu' would someone be.. when their pix are taken during solat.

Welcome to the family... Aunty Dina.

Photo of the ladies and girls in the family with the bride & groom.

Pah Ngah has someone to shop with now... hheheheh

The event ended by noon. The next day was the kenduri for Aunty Dina's side. It was at night so that morning ayah took ibu & eiliyah jalan2 to Aquaria. Ibu will skip the story about Aquaria for now and will fast forward to the wedding event that was held that night. More about Aquaria in the next post. Stay tuned... hehehhe...

The wedding event was held at Shah Alam Convention Centre. The colour code for the family was Gold or Green. While waiting for all the family members to arrive and gather... there was some posing2 moment outside of the hall.

Ayah & Ibu without eiliyah? Eiliyah was kidnapped i think at this moment... hehhhe..

Now it's the whole family... yup.. still the 3 of us!

Eiliyah test drive in Eriq's stroller

The hall was nice. Simple and well decorated. We all took place. Our table was in front.. quite near to the pelamin. This time, the bride and groom was in blue... baby blue to be specific... very sweet!

The event started with doa. Very funny becoz eiliyah keeps on "shhh"ing us and the cutest thing is when she tadah tangan for doa. Cute sungguh anak ayah ni....
Eiliyah bace doa... so cute

Not quite sure what this face is all about... hahahah..

The bride and groom.
Made for each other.


Sama padan

Eiliyah wasn't eating sangat. Just 2 suap je kot. She just wanted to play around. Nothing much after makan. Everybody was posing here and there... chatting and updating on what's new in life. However, it was nice to gather with family.
The 3 siblings...sama tak muka?

Poser of the day goes to.....?

Eiliyah was having fum playing on the pelamin. Hahahah... there was 1 time where ibu wanted to take eiliyah's photo on the pelamin chair... and baru je ibu undur ke belakang to let ayah take her picture... eiliyah terjatuh dr kerusi in a very polite way.. Hahhahah... nasib baik tak tersembam.

Airil (Eiliyah's small uncle) was very cute that night. Even though, he looks quite the same as the other waiters... but he's the cutest! Hahhaha.. Since Airil was around, it wasn't just Eiliyah & Aunty Diya this time in the kid's photoshoot time...

Hahahha... looks like Airil is quite a player... heheheh

Cute pose..

They kinda look alike right?

Nothing much to update... just enjoy the family pix below....
Ibu's 2 sweetheart..

Eiliyah & her Aunty "Niny"
Again.. another family photo.

The Aunties & Uncles...

Pah Shaki & her children with the bride and groom..

With cousins..

It's our small family time with the PENGANTIN

Big family plak...


Aunty Diny's W-Day

Monday, June 7, 2010


This time ibu nak story about Aunty Diny's wedding. It's a very quick update since dah lame sgt ibu tak update blog my little angel ni... And story2 utk diupdate dah makin banyak. Kalau ibu tak update skang... maka akan lupalah segala isi kandungannya. Hahahha..

On the wedding day... eiliyah woke up quite early.... eventhough she slept late the night before. Eiliyah first arrived at Pah's house in a pink dress and a pink veil hairband. She looked very cute... just like ibu..hahahah... The wedding colour theme was RED . Yes... i know... u're wondering y eiliyah is in pink? As usual.. a mother knows best. Eiliyah ni agak active.. so ibu don't want her to feel sticky wearing the outfit all day long. Besides that she can't be wearing the outfit the whole day without smudging it... especially in the morning where she will have her very independent breakfast all by herself. Yup.. eiliyah skang nak makan sendiri... in her own plate. Not in a plastic plate okay.... she wants it to be served like an adult serving. Heheheh... okay back to the story..

Okay.... so before the event started, eiliyah changed into her all RED gown. Very cute.. and that brought back a childhood memory to ibu. Ibu also have a pix wearing a all red gown.. similarly like that. Maybe ibu can share the pix in the next post. :-)
Pelamin as always.. been done personally by the bride herself

Eiliyah was very happy for her Aunty Diny. She spent most of her time that morning... to see her aunty garang bersiap. Hehehehe.. jgn marah ye Aunty Diny. Yup... ibu can see that eiliyah likes beautiful stuff. She likes to be surrounded with flowers. Ade la skit2 cam ciri2 Aunty Diny. Like to watch org make-up2.... Haa.. jangan tak tau.. eiliyah also is very observant. Very2 much indeed. She always likes to play with ibu's make-up kits. Sampai pecah eyeshadow ibu....hehehhe... she takes the brush... n sapu2 on her cheeks... just like wearing a blusher.. Then she takes ibu's lipstick.... take of the cap... and put it on her lips. Nasib baik she don't know how to twist the lipstick.. if not hancus la make-up ibu. Hehehehh..

Ibu thought that Eiliyah would be a bit cranky that day... but Eiliyah was very well behaved. Eventhough not enough sleep, but Eiliyah maintain cute & happy. She won't sleep eventhough a few times ibu tried to make her to do so. This happens everytime that there's an event, where there's a lot of people that she could play with. Eiliyah sanggup tahan mengantuk.... sbb nak main2. Sometimes ibu kesian kat my sweetheart Eiliyah ni... because always she would try to make friends.. maybe because she doesn't stay in a nursery.. so she's kinda happy to be surounded by others kids.. which are around her age. Al-maklum la... she been living and spending time with adults je. Nanti eiliyah besar.. mesti jadik cam Cik Muni.... byk cakap.. cam org tua... hahahhaha... mmg banyak cakap dah pun.

Pengantin ni make-up sendiri tau...

Cik Mar and Hababah came just before the akad nikah ceremony started. So, since Aryan Zufayri nak milk... and the event was about to start, Ibu took eiliyah and Cik Mar into ayah's room. Takut Eiliyah bising time Uncle Din nak akad. So... at least eiliyah takde la kacau ayah nak take video. Ayah.. as always will be the photographer. Everything went well. Alhamdulillah.. Aunty Diny eiliyah dah sah menjadi Uncle Din's wife with sekali lafaz je. Congratz...
Cik Mar ngan Hababah baru sampai

This is the groom, Uncle Din

The happy bride

Pah happy to be around Pah's sibling.

After another mission or cubaan utk menidurkan eiliyah gagal... we all makan dulu. The foods was delicious. Eiliyah still maintain happy... but ibu can see that she'd tired...but she keeps on tahan ngantuk tu. We took a lot of photos that day. Eiliyah pun.. bukan main posing lagi... hehehhe... very cheeky.

At about 1 something o'clock, Ibu nak g solat... so passed my darling Eiliyah to ayah. After pray, ibu tgk2 eiliyah dah sleep kat hall dah. Elok n nyenyak je she sleeps in the corner of the hall. Ibu asked around.. sape yg tidorkan eiliyah? But most answered that they do not know. When ibu went out of the house, Pah told that ayah passed eiliyah to Pah. Since Pah menyambut tetamu, Pah stood right next to the cool blower in front of the khemah. The wind made eiliyah cannot tahan anymore.. hehhehehe... tau2 je dah terlentok atas bahu Pah. So, Pah took eiliyah inside.

Ibu can help out now, since eiliyah dah sound asleep. Agak kalut gak coz takde bentara yg nak tolong bagi2kan gift. Lgpun there's quite a number of gift to be given to different category of people. But ibu blasah je la...Nasib la since ibu was not quite aware of whom falls under which category.... kire halal je la.

Eiliyah was still deeply asleep after 2 hours. Ibu, ayah n others sempat la nak posing2 bergambar. But tak best gak sbb my cheeky girl tak dapat join.

But after nearly about 4 hours asleep, eiliyah woke-up. At first agak moody la... but then she manage to change into her happy mood back again. We continued taking photo... this time together with eiliyah.

The kenduri ended with Uncle Fahmi membuli adiknya to basuh periuk. Ish2... sian adik Uncle Fahmi. Ooo.. yeahhh.. forgot to mention that eiliyah is a bit penakut kat Uncle Fahmi. Not sure y...

The next week, we went to Uncle Din's side of the kenduri. The grrom & bride was in Blue plak that day. Sampai je rumah kenduri, eiliyah tido. Hehehhe.. so ibu terpaksa la makan sambil meriba eiliyah. Quite hard.. but ibu manage to eat quite very well. Ayah tak join coz ayah was in KL. So, ibu & eiliyah followed Tok Daddy, pah & Aunty Ida je. The bride and groom...
Ni je yang hadir from our side...Align Center
Time balik, we went back in a separate car from Tok Daddy & Pah. Aunty Ida drove the car.... but she wasn't quite well. The next day, eiliyah dah jangkit... demam selsema... but she's fine now. No worries...

Ok la.. dah tired... banyak lg crite perlu diupdate ni... till next post.. Mmmmuahhh.. luv u eiliyah.