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Uncle Ayoi's Wedding...

Friday, July 9, 2010

This post is specially for Uncle Ayoi's Wedding... It's gonna be quite long... or more pictures since it's a combination of 3 events. More pix to enjoy... heheheh..

On 10th Jun 2010, it was Uncle Ayoi's akad nikah day. It falls on Thursday... and ibu had to take a day off for this event. Ibu rase.. by the time raya comes around... ibu will have to take unpaid leave la.. hahahhaha... Ok back to the story... the event was held at Bagan Serai, Perak after solat Zohor... We arrived at the masjid at around 1.++pm. Before going into the masjid, ibu just tried putting on a tudung for eiliyah. It was just a test... if she would want to wear it. And guess what.. it did stayed on quite long... what a surprise. She usually will take it off after about 2~3 minutes... just nice after everyone would compliment how cute she looks.. hahahah... but this time it was for about and hour or so. Nice...

Uncle Ayoi.. the GROOM.
Cik Mar & family arriving at the masjid

Look at Aryan Zufayri... garangnya muka.. cam mama dia je. hehehhe...

Eiliyah & Ibu .... both bertudung!


Either we arrived a bit early or the event started a bit late. Ibu was not so sure. We prayed Zohor and took our own sweet time there at the masjid. It was very hot that day. Thank God the masjid had air conditioner. Eiliyah was okay... here and there in the masjid but not too loud as there was other that was louder. Heheheheh... Anyway, the event went smoothly. Uncle Ayoi yg nervous became a husband to Aunty Nani with 2x akad. It's okay.... no biggie..
Aysha Nureiliyah wearing tudung

Sempat berphoto lg sementara nak tunggu event start.

Eiliyah as always.... cam artis...banyak peminat!
Aunty Nani .. the BRIDE!
While Uncle Ayoi controlling his nervous feelings...

Eiliyah berposing baik di belakang.. hehehhe

Officially now known as husband & wife

Tok Mamu Din seronok dapat meantu!

Tudung gone.. but ibu was satisfied.. that was long enough...

Eiliyah siap baring2 minum susu lg sementara ayah taking photos of the pengantin.

Ni plak gelagat baby Ninja Cik Muni...

Mata cam 'mamanye' kan? Hahhaha.. Hababah nak take pix ngan bride jugak. Time to go to the bride's house... makan time!

After the akad nikah, we all headed to the bride's house for makan2.. Yeayyy.. most of us are already hungry.. especially ibu coz tak sempat nak breakfast that morning. Ayah takpe la... sempat makan nasi lemak ngan eiliyah kat tepi masjid sementara ibu & Cik Mar wash-up Aryan yg poo poo bocor. Hahahha... tak sempat Aryan nak melaram baju 'dino' dah kena tukar.

At the brides house, we had nasi & sup ayam. Ayah loved the sambal belacan so much until siap suruh ibu mintak bungkuskan bawak balik... but malu la kan? hahhahha... sorry ayah...

On Saturday plak was the wedding for the bride's side. Ayah tak dapat join hari tu coz ayah got work to do. So ibu & eiliyah went with Uncle Opal, Cik Mar & Cik Muni. We kinda arrived late.. Around 2.30pm. And there was actually no guest there anymore.. Hahhaha.. maybe in Perak their trend was like that. Even though jemputan was until 5.00pm, but at until 2pm... everything clear. Hahhaha.. everybody came at lunch time. So, just our rombongan and the adik beradik sebelah bride je yg tinggal. It was better actually.. not to crowded & we kinda can chat and get to know better. Cik Mar siap ade baby sitter lg tolong jage Aryan while Cik Mar enjoy her food. Hmm.. the food was nice. But in the mid while we were enjoying our food, the rain came pourin down. Quite heavy too. So, it kinda disturb us espeacilly Cik Muni, Uncle Opal, Ibu & pengapit popular for that day... Uncle Ayie. Coz our back was like wet kena rain.

After makan & sembang2, and it wasn't raining anymore, we all pun bertolak balik. But it was really tiring when the road was jammed. We arrived at Habib's house really late. At nearly 7.00pm. Uncle Opal, Cik Mar, Cik Muni & Uncle Ayie sempat melencong to Autocity to eat icecream. Uncle Ayie blanja makan kat Swensen. Hmm.. actually it was ibu's idea to eat there since Uncle Ayie said he wanted to treat. But the car was kinda full and masa nak balik tu ibu cam basah & tak selesa so ibu & eiliyah dengan hati yg tak rela terpaksa naik car ngan Habib. Uwaaa... nak icecream berasap2 gak! Takpe.. next time ye Uncle Ayie?? Hahhaha...

Tok Mamu Din pose ngan cucu sedara dulu sementara blom dapat his own cucu.. hehehhe
Pengapit paling sempoi skali.. Uncle Ayie.

Pengantin in orange...

On Sunday plak, wedding belah our side. The event was held at Impian Inn.. same place as per Cik Mar and Ami Acip's wedding dulu. This time ayah ade. The theme was purple.. but ibu wore orange... hahhahha.. sgt la tak mengikut tema. Eiliyah was in her cream dress. The smoking part was purple and pink in colour so kirenye mingikut tema la. This dress was actually a recyecle dress. It was the dress yg Pah & Aunty Diny ordered mase eiliyah nye Aqiqah event dulu. Kalautak silap ibu.. at that time eiliyah baru 7 month old kot. She now can wear it nicely and it fits her well. Dulu mmg tempah baju tu besar pun.. hehhehe...
Ayah and Ibu's sweetheart
Family pix wajib ade...

Makan as always.. best! Eiliyah asyik makan tembikai je... Rasa2nya... eiliyah makan smp 3 potong. Abih comot baju eiliyah..... hehhehe.. But it okay.. it's good that she wants to eat.
Eiliyah enjoying her watermelon.

However, it was kinda sad coz at about 3.00pm still there was not many people who attended. A lot of table was still empty untouched. Understand that it was more to a family gathering since most of Uncle Ayoi's friend are in Johor and KL. But after about 4pm, relatives started arriving. Even our closest relative pun sampai lambat. Maybe, most of them attended other kenduri first and save the best for last. Hahhaha... i guess that they planned to stay longer at our kenduri to chat around... since it's like a long time no see relatives reunion.
Aunty Deqwan & tunang
Khala Ati & Baby Airis

Aunty Nurul & Baby Ayman

Habib & Hababah look happy that day. Here & there introducing the grandchildren to the family. Hehhehe.. ibu rasa Hababah dukung eiliyah lagi lame dari ibu carry eiliyah. Surely Hababah sakit kaki the next day. Heheheh...
Grandparent melayan cucu...

As usual, activity bergambar is everywhere. Semua orang sibuk berposing sana sini. Not to mentioned us as well... hehhehe.. Jgn tak caye.. ayah pun banyak bergambar gak. Actually ibu yg banyak amik candid.. hehehhhe...

Ayah & Aryan
Ibu loves this pixie

Parents & kids..

Eiliyah.. again cam artis... hehehhe..

Ibu & Nani Min


Sian Uncle Waffy unable to attend.

Tok Mamu Din's family yg sporting

At about 5.00pm camtu, cam biasa, eiliyah & ayah sleep kat one of the room there. Sementara tu, ibu berposing happy with my cousins & Cik Muni. Nothing to do and no one to take care of.. hehhehe... At the end of the event, we will take a family photo. The BIG family photo... and eiliyah & ayah for the second time... is not in the picture..again!And this is the same case as what happen during Ami Acip and Cik Mar's wedding previously.
Where's ibu's little girl?

Happy2...Ibu & siblings

Having fun...

Overall, it was a great family event. Had fun and enjoy ourselve with families....
Actually on the same day, it was Uncle Azrul's side of the wedding reception, in KL. But we didn't manage to go. Sorry.... Ibu think they had a great time there too... below are some photo of the event....Uncle Azrul.... alone?
Nice.. uncle Azrul & Aunty Dina

They even had poco2... hehhehe

Family photo & we are not in it... :-(

Okay.. that's all.. wassalam.